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Pt, 16 Listopad, 2012

20 anniversary of the Polish Section of the IPA

International Police Association Polish Section has over twenty years old now. In September 2012,  Polish IPA members together with the guests - representatives of twenty five national sections had celebrated  the anniversary in Opera Nova hall in Bydgoszcz/Poland.  Merited members were awarded with government and police forces medals as well with new, Polish IPA Order of merit.

The idea Servo per Amikeco has over 20 years highlighted Polish police and border guard officers in their social activities. The founder of the association - Arthur TROOP, sixty years ago had started to create "the police family" gathered now 415.000 police officers from sixty five countries.

Polish IPA anniversary was attended by International IPA President Pierre-Martin MOULIN, Polish police Chief Commander general Marek DZIALOSZYNSKI as well as representatives of local government administration and foreign delegations from Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Russia and United Kingdom.

The Border Guard Representative Orchestra named Podhalanczycy, Polish IPA members accompanied by uniformed police officers from twenty five countries marched through the old town Bydgoszcz streets toward the central monument were the ceremonial flowers were placed. The official part of anniversary was held in Opera Nova theatre in presence over 500 police officers and guests.  

From the jubilee, was issued a commemorative album includes historical documents, photographs, memories and information what was done within two decades by over 8.000 members of Polish IPA Section. At nearly 300 pages was written 20-year history of the association and stories of police and border guard officers activities. 

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